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Company G&V line d.o.o.
was founded 1994. in Dubrovnik as followup to entrepreneurship which we had until. Company is 100% owned by Garbin Lenko's family.

We bought our first ship POLET in 1973. thus starting the business that now spread to entire family. Two years later, Lenko's brother continues working with POLET, and we bought ZELENBOR in 1975. Lenko's nephew continues working with ZELENBOR and in the year of 1982. we bought the most beautifull of all three ships two-mast motor-sailboat ANAMARIJA (length 31 m, width 6,8 m). We were in nautical tourism - cruising, we sailed from may to October and with our 44 beds making 7 and 14 days cruises, with thousands of satisfied guests cruising along Croatian coast. Many of them came back, some every year, enjoying their holidays on our ship. Unfortunately, our beautiful ANAMARIJA got hit by enemy shells amd burnt and sunk in November of 1991. during occupation of Dubrovnik in harbor Gruz. Along with ANAMARIJA, part of our lives sunk too, 25 years of committed work in tourism.

Just before war, during 1990., we bought luxury yacht by the name DREAM, built 1959. in Italy for the writer Ernest Hemingway (length 17.87m, width 3.97m 2 engines 330 HP and 16 KW generator having 10 beds). Unfortunately, during enemy hostile actions, she got hit with inflammable shells too and completely burnt.

Near the end of war in 1994. we bought ship named MONTE KRISTO, later renamed to ANAMARIJA, home-port Dubrovnik, which still plies to the joy of crew and passengers.

m/s Nona Ana

m/s Paula

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